Support and User Guide


M33tv supports the following browsers:


Using the "Watch Now" button

  • Click the "Watch Now" button near the middle of the home page
  • When the login page loads it will autofill with the guess information
  • Click the login button

From the login page

  • Click the "Guest Login" button


From the website Homepage select "Sign Up"

If you are a new user:

  • Select "Register Now" to begin creating your account.
  • Provide the necessary account information to get started.
  • You may do this from any device, including the iPad.

If you already have an account:

  • Select the link "I am already a registered member" to go directly to the last screen of the wizard.
  • On the Welcome screen you will see instructions on how to get started with the device you are currently using.
  • * If you are using a web-browser on PC, usually you can refresh at this point to receive the login screen.


Provide your Username and Password on the login screen

If you have signed into M33tv in the past with your device, you can simply select your name from the family-members list and provide your password. (Password field rolls out after selecting your name either by clicking or touching on touch-enabled devices).

What if I don't see my Name?:
If another primary account holder has accessed M33tv form your device you will see their name and family-members list. To 'forget' these settings, simply click "this is not my family" and M33tv will reset to the blank username and password field. Remember your username and password!


The Home screen is like a launch-pad into the various sections that make up M33tv. From here you can watch personalized and organized content from your Dashboard; Jump into the Electronic Program Guide or make changes to your settings and specify certain options.


If you are a new user, the Dashboard will already have some recommended viewing options for you. But since M33tv hasn't learned from your viewing habits yet, it will be a very broad sampling of content.

M33tv's main screen is divided into two areas for your convenience. In the Dashboard, the largest area (above) is reserved for your Watch List. Here you may scroll vertically through a myriad of content choices.


Again, divided into two two areas, the Electronic Program Guide with the addition of the clever M33tv channel bar.

If you are a new user, this screen will be set to the M33tv Program Guide. If you prefer a more classic EPG you may change the EPG style at any time with the Classic EPG Style button in the lower left-hand corner. You may also set this default behaviour from the settings page.

M33tv Program Guide:

  • Upon first entering this page, the current channel will always be "myM33tv" which is a reflection of your Watch List.
  • The channel bar scrolls horizontally and consists of many content providers you will probably be already familiar with.
  • After selecting a channel (for a content provider) the lowest portion of the screen (filled with thumbs of various video content) will be populated with shows from the selected provider and their channel will be highlighted. If you are using a non-touch device, you must use the slider above the video thumbs to see more content (to the right). On touch devices, this is made easier; simply slide your finger to the left in the video thumbs area.

M33tv Classic EPG:

  • The classic EPG is the more familiar Program Guide from set-top boxes.
  • Channels run down the left and once again, myM33tv (your Watch List) is the first 'channel'.
  • If you are on a PC you will see two scroll bars that allow you to scroll horizontally or vertically. To see more channels, scroll vertically. To see more shows and video content, scroll horizontally. If you are on a touch-enabled tablet device you may scroll with your finger in an identical fashion.

Please note that the Classic EPG takes a longer time to load content. You will see a Loading message during this time.


Whether from the Dashboard or Program Guide, watching a video selection is as easy as clicking or touching a video thumbnail. Most of the time, these thumbnails have a clear "play" icon on them. However, in the case of the Classic EPG, there are no "play" icons. Simply click or touch your selection to begin watching.

Once the video has begun playing, you may use a very typical Player Controller to move about in the video or skip to the next video in the channel feed. You may also desire to watch your selection in full screen. Simply click the "Full Screen" button on the lower right corner of the Guide to do so. To return to the guide, simply click the same button (which will now read "Open Guide")

Note that some Provider's video formats do not support the "Seek" function. If you are attempting to seek ahead in a video such as this, the seek knob will likely snap back to your current position or (in rarer cases) begin playing the video over again from the beginning.


Select the magnifying glass icon labeled "Show me" from the global navigation at the bottom of the screen. Doing so will toggle a sliding search box that will provide additional searching options.

  • The search box has two methods that you can choose from. You can quickly make a genre-specific search by selecting from "tv shows", "movies", and "music" and then selecting a corresponding genre of that type. This is an excellent way to quickly find a show.
  • If you desire something more specific you may type in a keyword or search term. First choose where you would like to look; currently you can look in M33tv's database or YouTube. After making a choice of where, you can begin by typing in a keyword term in the search field.

(Above: PC and Mac version shown)